Guild Poaching

So I was sitting around Orgrimmar molesting my favourite orc when I got a whisper from a guy from another “relatively” well-known guild on horde side.  I say “relatively” because I guess they aren’t on [..]

The Tournament of Champions

Hey guys, I’d like to put up this post for one of my special orcs, Groshar who has been hard at work in Warsong world chat providing trivia challenges and fun for the horde community [..]

Guild Punishment

We all have off-nights where we don’t play the best and maybe ninja-pull a boss or a pack of adds or slacking on the dps/healing meters, etc… most guilds who want progression of some kind [..]

TBC and Catch Up

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several weeks, it might be news to you that Feenix’s brand spanking new Burning Crusade server has now been released!  If you’d like to [..]

Starting into AQ40

So this week my guild have undergone some changes.  We’ve had a change of raid leader (back to our original one, who’s just came back from a wow break) and we’ve got BWL on farm [..]

WOW Picture update!

Before you all think I’ve abandoned Warsong and fled to Archangel like so many others, the rumours are not true.  I haven’t even got a level 1 character on there!!  I’ve been  quite busy irl [..]

Team Priest

So tonight we had lots of priestly fun …..Check out all those benedictions!!  (Except Res – who obviously doesn’t have one, silly troll). We decided to have a benediction parade – a priest strike! No [..]