Best servers package?

Been working on getting TrinityCore sorted out, fighting Ubuntu every step of the way as Linux is just a complete nightmare, and I happened upon AzerothCore whilst I searched for performance tweaks. It sounds like it’s got some neat features, so I’ve got to ask; which one is better in terms of bugs and ease of development?

To give an example, there is the dynamic scripts functionality present in TrinityCore, which allows you to edit a script used by an NPC, and have it update as soon as you save it. No need to recompile the entire server, just that one script. Which is fabulous. And according to AzerothCore, that design is used throughout the whole server package, not just for scripts. If it’s in a release-ready state, that’s fabulous. But how does that work when I want to change base functionality? Do I just create a module that overrides the original code (i.e, same design as plugins for Elder Scrolls)? Or is it a nightmarish ordeal that has to be re-done whenever the source code is updated and pulled from Github?

As an example of something simple I’d like to try implementing, is for NPCs to have script hierarchies. Rather than making one big mess of a script, have multiple scripts in an array with conditions required to be met before they’re processed. If the condition is not met for the first script in the hierarchy, move to the next one, repeating the process until a script’s conditions return true and is then picked as the one to currently process. There’s little documentation for TrinityCore, coupled with the sprawling nature of large monolithic projects, it’s very hard to navigate around and experiment with the code.

Is AzerothCore better suited for that? If so, that’s a huge plus, as modularity makes editing and creating systems monumentally easier.

I’ve also no desire for creating a Blizz-like server. Rather than having instances, static quests that are done by every character over and over again, an ass-load of redundant spells and items, my intent is to rip it out, and implement much more balanced and squished damage & armor mechanics. I’ve done the same thing for Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas (TTW), so I’m well aware of all the tedium that is involved in completely overhauling entire categories of items. So as far as faithfulness to a typical WotLK experience is concerned, I’ve no care for it. However, I’d much like to have the low level systems as bug-free as possible.

Performance isn’t a huge concern, as bandwidth will not be an issue, nor do I expect to have hundreds of players online. This is a pet project I’ll be working on over time, so if one package is better than the other in most areas except raw performance, it doesn’t mean all that much unless the difference is drastic.