Guild Punishment

01. 20. 2023

Guild Punishment

We all have off-nights where we don't play the best and maybe ninja-pull a boss or a pack of adds or slacking on the dps/healing meters, etc… most guilds who want progression of some kind will, therefore, try to discourage this kind of behavior by handing out some form of punishment.

In the case of PvP guilds, punishment might be handed out for premade members not listening to what they're supposed to be doing or wandering off from their assigned position (i.e. a defensive spot in AB, etc).

So this blog post explores a little bit about how guilds deal with punishment of their members.

Loot Restriction

We looked at different loot systems before and I know  a lot of guilds would use DKP or loot in general as a way of handling punishment for screwing up.   You've probably seen multiple raid leaders raging on youtube as they handed out “FIFTY DKP MINUS” for people messing up in raids or not listening or standing in fire or being afk on pulls…. the list is endless…

Watch the very old video below btw if you haven't already (sound required).


Some of the more hardcore guilds will perhaps just operate on a fear policy with screw-ups or more severe or continuous screw-ups being rewarded with a demotion to a lower rank or even a guild kick.

I know this particular policy is probably most relevant to hardcore PVP type guilds whereby people aren't following instructions on where they should be or getting distracted from the objective at hand.

Other Methods

Some guilds might stop handing out items to certain members based on poor performance.   Another method as well is to restrict their raid attendance (in a pve guild) or premade attendance (in a pvp guild) by not offering them a spot for X length of time.

Bieber Points System

As we use council-loot in my guild, it's more difficult to justify punishing people with loot restrictions.   So we've devised a new and cunning way of dishing out guild punishment called “The Bieber Points System” or “Biebs” for short.

Everyone hates Justin Bieber, so as a method of punishment – we hand out “bieber points” for screw ups.  The person(s)  with the most bieber points at the end of the calendar raid month has to sing a song on our teamspeak 3 server in front of the whole guild.  Last month, we had two guys in the top standings and they are required to sing a beautiful romantic duet together which will be added to the guild's next bosskill video.

I guess it is a bit of a laugh but at the same time, no one wants to be in any way related to Justin Bieber for obvious reasons, no one wants to sing live on TS in front of 40-50 other people and as well as that there is the fact that their actions were made “public”.  It works to an extent, I guess, but probably wouldn't for a super-hardcore raiding guild or whatever.