TBC and Catch Up

12. 16. 2022

TBC and Catch Up

In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past several weeks, it might be news to you that Feenix's brand spanking new Burning Crusade server has now been released!  If you'd like to play on the new TBC realm, check out the setup guide here.  If you've already been playing on it and are experiencing any kind of problems –  Always clear (delete) cache and WTF before playing. It is causing many quest/spell issues including increased MS!!

Where the hell have you been Clodagh you lazy slacker?

I've been working a lot  and uhh… [insert various mumbling excuses], I was helping out with the TBC testing prior to the server launch, I've been endlessly farming demonic runes, mana pots and other consumables – oh, the life of a raider is hard work…. and I've been messing around on a few different games including the Path of Exile beta, Diablo 2, Warhammer online, … to mention but a few.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free online-only action role-playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is currently under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand. New players are being added continuously to the Closed Beta Test.  You can signup for the beta on their website page here.

It's a Diablo-esque hack n slash game.  There's lots to learn in it with regards to how the gearing system works, etc.  Generally found it quite easy – not as challenging as Diablo and not as addictive.  It has potential though, lots and lots of potential to be a really fun game.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction

Ok so I started playing this again.  Back in the day, I won all of the hammerdin tournaments on US west (4 years running) and figured it was time to start saving forum gold for the upcoming release of Diablo III (supposedly in April)  – that and I absolutely love this game.  There's a few of us playing it – if you fancy joining us, leave me a comment with your account name and I'll add you or join the Pyran channel ingame (Europe Realm).  We're playing on softcore ladder and it's a blast!

Let me know what you have been up to in the past few weeks – particularly interested to know if any of you got into the Diablo III beta and if so, what you thought of it?