The Tournament of Champions

12. 12. 2022

The Tournament of Champions

Hey guys, I'd like to put up this post for one of my special orcs, Groshar who has been hard at work in Warsong world chat providing trivia challenges and fun for the horde community for the past several months.   Tonight, he's hosting a particularly special event in world chat and handing out a large prize for the ultimate World Chat Trivia Master!

The Date: 10th February 2012

The Time: 00:00 servertime (midnight)

The Location: World Chat, Horde Side, Warsong Server

I am proud to announce to the Warsong Horde community that I will be hosting the first ever Tournament of Champions on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH @MIDNIGHT SERVER TIME! Technically speaking, this is Saturday morning right on THE DOT for mainland western Europe. This is equivalent to 3 pm Pacific and 6 pm Eastern if you live in North America. To be eligible, you must be a former Undisputed Champion of World Chat from one of the past Daily World Chat Trivia Challenges. The Tournament of Champions will be held outside of World Chat in a private channel or raid to avoid distractions. 

What are the rules? I have a good idea of what I want to do but I first need to see how many champions will be attending on the day of the Tournament of Champions. I'm leaning toward an elimination style for the early rounds where if you are unable to answer a single question correctly after an X number of questions have been asked, you will be eliminated. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Now… onto the PRIZES! The prizes will consist of a large purse of gold and expensive materials and of course bragging rights. When it is all said and done and all the smoke has cleared, the prizes will be made public when we have a winner.

You can find out more about the contestants and the event in this thread.  Once the winner has been announced, they'll have their beautiful face posted here.